Tours In Bundi

In the Rajput times, Bundi was the state capital of Rajasthan, and is renowned for its paintings and murals, ornate forts, palaces and step well reservoirs. An astonishing destination, the diverse township is also the place that inspired Kipling's Jungle Book. A picturesque little town in the jungle, Bundi fills a narrow valley in the Aravallis Range of hills. Like Jaipur, many of Bundi's houses are painted a vivid blue, making it a particularly photogenic destination. Top attractions include the Taragarh Fort, which was constructed in 1354. Situated on the same hillside is the Bundi Palace, which was described by Kipling as ‘the work of goblins rather than of men'. A sprawling structure, inside there's a range of beautiful murals and frescoes, including a wonderful Chinese-inspired ceiling decorated with petal shapes, peacocks and Krishnas.

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