Tours In Kargil

Kargil served as an important centre on the trade route of the Pan-Asian network. Merchants carrying silk, brocade, carpets, tea, poppy and ivory passed through Kargil on their way to Central Asia. Trade flourished along this route till about half a century ago. This wonderful and serene destination has the majestic Himalayas for a backdrop and several divine rivers nourishing the region. At a height of 2704 metres above sea level, Kargil offers a base for numerous adventure tours to the Himalayas. Kargil has a mixed ethnic population accompanied by a rich cultural identity. Must visit Monasteries such as the Mulbek Gompa, Cave monastery, Trespone and Sankhoo Imambaras have some beautiful collections of murals and amazing statues. The grand Tibetan architectural designs of these monasteries are indeed noteworthy.

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